Not A Fan_Week 2_Chapters 4-7

Chapter 4

Where do you spend your time and money? For this often reveals the true desire of your heart.

When you are hurt where do you go for comfort? Are you a fair weather Jesus follower, but turn to something else when the chips are down?

Chapter 5

Is your religious life more rule based or relationship based?

Are you raising your children in Christ or the Church?  Please share examples.

Chapter 6

In your day-to-day life do you feel that you are flying your own plane most of the time or do you allow the Holy Spirit to sit in the pilot’s seat?

Chapter 7

Does your life reflect what you say you believe?

Has anyone ever told you that they think you are taking this “Church Thing” a little too far?


4 thoughts on “Not A Fan_Week 2_Chapters 4-7

  1. Brian Suman says:

    C7:Q2 I have been told that I could be taking this “church thing” too far. I also understand that at first when I surrendered my heart to God once and for all, I became someone that everyone didn’t know before and that was a change for them to adjust to. I believe now that those acquainted with me see that my life change is for real and everyone has been accepting to this is who I am. People need to see consistent behavior from anyone to start to see and believe that God can work in your life and renew you.

  2. Brian Suman says:

    C5:Q1 If you live by the Bible there are always rules but if you love God they become what you want to do and not what you have to. Before I had the relationship with God that I have now, I felt that my life would be or was constrained by how the Word told me to live. Since I have realized that developing a personal relationship with God is a must, I have begun to live my life as he instructs me to and strive to make him proud of who I have become.

    • Monica Williams says:

      C5:Q1 Ugh!!! This question is so tough for me, as we talked about in small group. From the outside people see the rules that I follow, but without them knowing me and my relationship with Christ they don’t understand why I don’t have a problem with following the rules. I think about growing up and for the most part always trying to follow my parents rules, because I loved them and wanted to make them happy and I didn’t want them to be disappointed in me. My life in Christ is exactly the same thing. When I make it to Heaven I want Him to say….enter in though good and faithful servant. Following the rules are not a burden, although Satan and the world would tell us that it is, but if we truly love him and want to be in relationship with Him we gladly follow the rules and realize, His rules are there to help us to live a good life glorifying Him!!

  3. Jules Smith says:

    C6: This is a tough question for me to really admit to I guess…but I would have to say that there are often days that I am sitting in the pilot seat myself and not letting the Holy Spirit guide. I tend to find myself trying to tell God how I think it should go…nevermind the fact that HE is GOD and doesn’t really need me to give him suggestions. I pray about my need to control things often and I do know that God truly is in control and that His will will be done. I know that there are times when the Holy Spirit is truly guiding my thoughts (when I do actually relinquish control) and it is such a feeling of comfort. I am still just a work in progress – and thankful that God is merciful and loving.

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