Not A Fan_Week 1_Chapters 1, 2, & 3

Chapter 1

Fan: an enthusiastic admirer. In the Gospels, Jesus never seemed too interested in fans. Is this how we want to define our relationship with him? Close enough to Jesus to get the benefits but not so close to require sacrifice? Jesus was looking for followers. Not just any follower, though, a completely committed follower. How would things change for us in the next year if we lived as Jesus lived and loved the way He loved?

1. What did you think about the points Kyle made about the difference between being and fan or a follower of Jesus?

2. Read Luke 9:23 “Then he [Jesus] said to the crown, ‘If any of you wants to by my follower, you must turn from your selfish way, take up your cross daily and follow me.'” What do you think Jesus means by “take up your cross daily”?

3. How have these ideas challenged your own relationship with God?

4. Are there any ways you want to live differently to be more of a follower of Christ?

Chapter 2

Nicodemus made the decision that Jesus was from God but did not commit (initially) to Jesus because of the high cost of becoming a follower.

1. Would you say you know about God or know God?

2. Do you think that believing in Jesus is good enough to get into Heaven or do you think that is where the journey begins? Why?

3. Do you agree that many preachers today “sell Jesus”? What are the dangers of this type of preaching?

4. Have you given Jesus more your heart of your head? How would you want the answer to that question to be different a week from now?

Chapter 3

This chapter explains the difference between having knowledge of Jesus and being in an intimate relationship with him. It tells the story form Luke 7, when Jesus was invited to the Pharisee’s house for dinner. The Pharisee had studied scripture all of his life, but had not ever established and intimate relationship with Jesus.

1. Do you think that you have ever had a moment with Jesus like the woman in Luke 7 had?

2. When is the last time you poured yourself out before Jesus?

3. When is the last time tears streamed down your face as you expressed your love for Him?


10 thoughts on “Not A Fan_Week 1_Chapters 1, 2, & 3

  1. Brian Suman says:

    C1:Q1 This book was really eye-opening for me. Since reading it, Luke 9:23 has become one of my favorites and I use it now to help push and motivate me in decisions. All along my spiritual journey, I had never looked at myself as a fan or follower and the book definitely challenged my position. I know that no one had ever put it to me like Kyle does and maybe if I had not read it I may have went along in life as just a fan. Even though I have many more challenges ahead to not be “just a fan”, what I have learned in this book will help me make the change. Thanks Kyle!

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  4. Jules Smith says:

    Is believing in Jesus “good enough” or is that just the start of the journey? This idea has really resonated with me. For as long as I can remember, I have believed in Jesus. Honestly I think that I used to think that that was enough…but I was missing the idea of living a life for Jesus. Believing in Jesus has truly been just the start of an amazing journey! Living for Jesus has meant for me a whole new life. I think that just believing in Him is what fans do…but followers try to live like he lived and love like he loved. And it is an awesome life!

  5. Brian Suman says:

    C2:Q1 I would have to say that I know God more today than a couple of years ago. That doesn’t mean I feel that I completely know him but I know that I have developed more of a relationship with him through prayer over the last couple of years and I am listening more to his guidance in my life. I believe the more I can continue to grow my prayer life and focus on following Jesus that relationship will become stronger.

  6. Brian Suman says:

    C2:Q3 Preachers can at times most likely get consumed by ‘numbers’ and begin to sell Jesus and not seek relationships with others. Even though I believe God gave us the mind to use the technology and resources available today to reach people, are we taking the next step to cultivate those relationships and show them how to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ or just moving onto pursuing the next follower?

  7. Monica Williams says:

    C1:Q3 I think this book has been challenging me to really question my motives behind the things that I do. I’m asking myself am I doing it because someone wants me to, because I’m being obedient to Christ or just because it’s the way I was taught. I love this verse Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
    Philippians 2:11-13. If we really believed God means what He says would we be more obedient to Him and what He wants and stop worrying about pleasing others??

    • Brian Suman says:

      I like how you mentioned motives and illustrated the three examples. Reflecting back I think that I have moved through the stages of being taught, then living by someone else’s expectations, to now knowing that I want to do for Christ and live my life for Him.

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. Jules Smith says:

    C3:Q3 There are times when I am driving in my car – just in silence – praying and listening to God and I feel His presence so strongly. During times like this, I feel completely intune with His spirit and am deeply moved. Recently, I felt so overwhelmed by God’s love for me that I began to cry as I drove to school. I wasn’t “asking” God for anything in my prayer…just truly in awe of His love and mercy and grace. Before this question, I would have never really thought to compare that experience to the woman pouring out her love by washing Jesus’ feet and pouring her perfume on them. Really liking how this study is making me see things in new ways!

  9. Brian Suman says:

    C2:Q4 It is definitely a “yo-yo” effect when it comes to giving your heart or head to Jesus. I believe it is in our nature to want to use our head to determine the outcome of a situation and we often do not lead with our heart. Each day my goal is to give my heart to Jesus and over the last couple of years I have been more successful but I am also a work in process. I love Jesus and all that he has done for me and I will continue to build that relationship and follow him to the end of time.

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